👋 Hey, I'm Luke,
a Product Designer,
focusing on UI.

Product designer,
UX/UI kinda guy.

I help smart companies create IPO ready products.

IxD • Usability • HCD • Design Thinking

I help companies launch & grow through successful products.

Based in Sydney, AU

About Me

I focus on UI & Design Systems, with a deep understanding of Product to create digital products that solve real world problems, like children’s mental health & saving lives.

With a deep understanding of HCI & usability I use design thinking, IxD & storytelling to simplify the complex, remove friction and align user goals with company.

I've redesigned The Iconic’s native app, built touchscreens for James Cameron (*gratuitous name drop), designed apps in VR, AR, mobile native & web. Prior to that, launched 2 startups, built a #1 Sticker App and invented a cult classic & frequently pirated, Xmas Bin Chicken.

Before pivoting into UI Design, my career has led me through 15 years of Motion Design, 2d/3d Animation in TV & experiential museum installations.

Design is not merely visual, but how it feels, functions and most importantly how it solves real human problems.

If you've read this far, thanks! Let's chat!

CASE STUDY: Give Me 5 Platform

Detecting mental-health issues before they arise

Platform for tracking & assessing mental health among school kids

Product Design Case Study ›
ipad showing GM5 application

CASE STUDY: ConX - Apps for Tradies

Rearchitecting a complex system

Integrating 4 silo'd products into one seamless, easy to use system.

Product Design Case Study ›
vr controllerVR headset

Case Study: St. Johns Ambulance CPR Training

How to Save a Life With VR

VR training course for CPR - Including VR content + iOS iPad app  + Web App

VR Training Case Study ›
James cameron interactive touch screen

Case study: 'Challenging the deep' exhibition

Designing Interaction for James Cameron

Interactive touchscreen experience showcasing Cameron's descent to the Mariana Trench.

James Cameron Case Study  ›

James Cameron 'Challenging the Deep' Exhibition


Art direction, branding, 3d rendering & illustration for the exhibition ‘James Cameron – Challenging The Deep’.It’s rare to be involved in a job with such great content, an amazing brief and actually creative clients. The holy trinity of design work.

Excuse the gratuitous name dropping.

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Recent Career Highlights

Product Designer, UI/UX with ConX Jobs

System wide redesign for ConX

Snr UI Designer, The Iconic
• Built The Iconic's Design System, 'Ensemble'

• Greenfield redesign of The Iconic's native app





Head of Product at Give Me 5 - Startup for Mental health check in for school kids & teens - San Jose, California

Product Designer, AR/VR/UI/UX with Start Beyond
See ANSTO & St Johns CPR VR

Design Director, Motion / Interactive with Luscious International (See James Cameron Interactive) for the Aus. Nat. Maritime Museum

Product designer, UI/UX for Thoughtful iOS App  - with San Francisco based startup Thoughful

Design Director with Luscious Intl.
for ANMM: Battle of the Coral sea short film 14m Projection screen

Action Stations - Interactive touch screens

Australian War Memorial - 2x 7min Short films


Now Studying


IDEO U - Designing Strategy

IDF - Human Computer Interaction (top 10%)

IDF - UX for VR/AR

Psychology of Interaction Design

Thoughtful app interface

Thoughtful for iOS

A startup out of San Francisco, building an app for for recording your daily memories.

See Thoughtful App  ›

Personal Projects

Thoughtful app interface
Personal Project

Straya Stickers
iOS App

Personal project

Apple's #3 Sticker App of 2017

Check out Straya Stickers ›
Thoughtful app interface

Hipster Product Generator

Personal project

#3 Sticker App in 2017!

Organic Handcut Fun, See More

Other projects

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