Start Beyond (formerly Start VR) for ANSTO -Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

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Part 1. Create an immersive AR app, triggered by the Periodic Table of Elements poster (that currently exists in schools).

Part 2. Redesign & re-skin the existing ANSTO app to include the new AR portion.


AR app concept, UX, UI, Design/Art Direction


Bring the Periodic Table of Elements poster to life for the start of National Science Week.

The poster is hanging in schools around Australia. ANSTO wanted to bring the poster to life to surprise the kids.

Help create a more engaging & fun learning experience.

Promo video produced by client agency, Start Beyond on behalf of ANSTO.

In app demo

App store assets

In App Screenshots

The app was built in Unity which is predominantly used for building games.

This presented its own challenges. Something simple to achieve with CSS is clunky and cumbersome in Unity. All assets, even buttons had to be created as pngs. Also, unity doesn't know about responsive design.

iPhone 6/7/8 screenshots

Device must be rotated to be put into cardboard VR