for St John Ambulance Victoria.

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Design a VR training course to replace existing paper based CPR


UX, UI of VR course material (questions etc)

UX, UI of Course trainer's iPad app

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Content divided into 3 main sections.

Trainer AppVR Content BYO Device

Promo video produced by the agency Start Beyond

Field Kit

1-4 Students, VR or iPad with iPad Trainer App

Trainer app walkthrough

1. Trainer companion app

Monitor & Control Devices

• Assign devices to students
• Switch devices mid-course
• Monitor all device status (battery, wifi etc)

Manage the course flow:

• Enrol students (mark present / absent)
• Start / stop the course
• Monitor student answers throughout the course
• See which answers student got wrong
• Pass / fail students


The entire course was designed and built using reusable component blocks, often nested. The approach, while not strictly atomic design, was a nod to a great design concept.

Main Header - Monitor in-headset VR
Main Header - Monitor in-headset VR
Enrolment + Device allocation
course Question overview + Students responses
Student status + Course module control
Question overview + Students responses

VR 360 Images

VR 360 Image - Drag around to explore
VR 360 Image - Drag around to explore

2. VR In-Course Content


3. BYO Device + Projector + iPad

22 Devices in Sync

1 x Trainer's iPad

1 x Projector

20 x BYO Smartphones

The trainer controls the session from their iPad. Devices synch over wifi/cellular data using sockets over the web.

Here is each stage of the process, from login, watch video, answer questions on device, pause for practical assessment.


Course content

Course questions / answer on device

Course questions / answer on device

Hands on