Logo saying Straya Stickers with an ibis sitting on a bin

54 You beaut Aussie stickers to send to your mates.

Personal project

Straya Stickers iOS

Yehnah Apple's #3 favourite sticker packs of 2017

Client.. me

I fun side project i did for a laugh. Turned out other people enjoyed it too!


See how fast i could get something onto the App Store


Everything from concept sketch to fully working app in production.

App Store Artwork

James cameron interactive touch screen

Apple's #3 Favourite Sticker App of 2017

They thought it was pretty good!

Read about it on itunes.com

Original Artwork

Special Edition Artwork

Paul Parker: "Tell the PM to get f**ked - from Nelligen"

2019-20 Bushfire Appeal

Tribute to Paul Parke, the fireman from Nelligen.
Artwork sold on t-shirts to raise money for the bushfires.

Xmas Bin Chicken

This sold thousands

This sold so well that pirate copies started popping up all over the web, Amazon & Ebay.

A few snags along the way

Explaining Gronk to Americans

The app would get blocked every second update—citing that it was offensive / rude / 'against the spirit' of the app store. I had to explain what all the slang meant to get it past the App police.

Artwork Making of

Community feedback

A few critics in the crowd shared their opinion,
so i featured their reviews on instagram...

Xmas Bin Chicken