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ConX - System Redesign

+ Measure Tool


ConX Jobs - Sydney, Aus


1- Combine 4 silo'd systems into one cohesive framework

2- Design a measuring tool web app for measuring/quoting


UX, UI, Product direction & consultation

Problems with existing system

  1. ConX system is fractured into silos
  2. Independent systems don't talk to each other
  3. Lacking any inherent virality or network effect
  4. Tendering system is clunky and convoluted for Builders
  5. Not enough Contractors quoting on Tenders

Problem 1+ 2

System is fractured into silos / Products don't talk to each other

Each product has its own project, and user must upload plans to each

Proposed Solution

Create a 2 ConX Project types

Discovering there are 2 main user types (General contractors & Sub-contractors) it made sense to have 2 distinct project types; Tender & Quote

After more discovery it became apparent that the main funnel entry into the ecosystem was Measure, which needs to co-exist in all project types. There was also some confusion with people wanting to simply Measure plans, and then deciding to create a quote or a tender.

Implemented Solution

Pivoted to a single ConX project; with 4 available Modules (each of the products that were originally silo'd).

User creates a project which contains their plans and project wide info eg Name, project start date, budget etc.

Each module can then access those plans and project info without user having to re-upload/enter info multiple times.

Redefining system-wide navigation

After 7+ iterations, we decided the best way was to create 1 single project containing 1-4 modules.

Single project contains all shared data and files accessible by all modules within project. Modules create a task-based workflow.

Implemented designs

Part 2

Problem 3,4,5 (business problem, UX solution)

ConX is Lacking any inherent virality or network effect,

Tendering system is clunky and convoluted for BuildersNot enough Contractors quoting on Tenders

Proposed Solution

• The ConX team suggested the quickest path to this would be through the Tender & Quote loop.

• Streamline Tenders creation process for builders = better experience for contractors searching. A double sided marketplace means a double sided problem. Make it easy for builders to post and better experience for people quoting.

• Create a public 'Tender Marketplace'; a public site for builders to publish to, and contractors to quote on (currently users have to be logged in to see available tenders).

Implemented Solution

Streamline tender process, make it simple to pst tenders, means more on marketplace for sub-contractors to quote on.

• Create Tender dashboard - this avoids menu / page diving, avoiding load time. Also gives a great overview of all details.

• Allows publishing of all (could be 20-30) tender trade with a single click, rather than individually.

• Leveraging the 'single ConX Project' solution, we can populate the Tender and use smart defaults, to speed up Tender creation.

• Require as little info as possible to publish, while keeping the integrity of the Tender - making the person responding also happy.

• Created public 'Tender Marketplace', allowing more leads into the funnel via organic search.

Implemented designs


It's true that with iteration comes clarity. I'm sure this isn't the last system wide change. I do believe that the solution we crafted together is of great value to the users and the business as a whole.

It's quite a privilege to be able to work such a fun project. Creating meaningful change to a product that will actually make peoples day a little easier.